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Administration provides the management coordination, direction and control of Health Department operations in order to meet the overall public health needs of the community. Administration is responsible for carrying out Board of Health policies, supporting the work of the District Health Officer, and enforcing the statutes, rules and regulations of the State Board of Health and the State Department of Health.

Agency-wide management functions include:

Administrative policy development and agency management
Budget preparation, budget administration and cost accounting
District contracts administration, purchasing & A/P administration
Personnel administration, including payroll, benefits & tax administration
Patient registration, rate-setting, billings, and A/R management
Capital facility projects and building management
Capital equipment planning, acquisitions & inventory control
Computer systems management/applications and telecommunications
State and federal legislative affairs/intergovernmental relations
Coordinating agency legal counsel, contracts & labor negotiations
Resource development, public-private partnerships & foundation relations
Risk management, safety and agency regulatory compliance
Administrative reports:

BFHD Annual Reports 060708091011121314151617

. BFHD-AGY-OPS-001G-Directory of Programs
. Guide to BFHD Services V.3

Administration coordinates special health education/public health improvement projects, targeting high-risk groups and priority public health problems. Current projects include the Access to Baby and Child Dentistry (ABCD) Program, Youth Tobacco Prevention and Control, and the US Surgeon General's Physical Inactivity, Health & Community Fitness Improvement project.

Quality Improvement Initiatives

Administration has implemented a variety of quality improvements. In all Reception/Customer Service Offices, quick-response customer-satisfaction survey cards are now in use; over-the-phone foodworker pre-registration has been installed; and attention checklist notices have been added to permit applications to speed customer completion. The Billing Department provides customized employer account billings for employers directly purchasing low cost public health services and off-site Medicaid and insurance billings as part of outside clinics and special public health outreach programs. Credit card payment equipment is available in all offices. The Computer Services Center implemented an on-site public health informatics network to provide all Health Department offices and staff with statewide e-mail, internet and website broadcast capabilities, making possible rapid electronic health provider communications regarding health alerts and disease outbreaks.


State law provides for the selection and appointment of a medically-qualified health officer to oversee and direct the public health program of the local health jurisdiction. Dr. Amy Person, a licensed and board-certified pediatrician with advanced training in public health informatics and population health is the District Health Officer for the Benton-Franklin Health District.

State laws empower the Local Health Officer to carry a broad range of public health functions, including:

1. Enforcing the public health statutes of the state, rules and regulations of the state board of health and the secretary of the state department of health, and all the local health rules, regulations and ordinances within his jurisdiction.

2. Taking such action as is necessary to maintain the health and sanitation supervision over the territory within his jurisdiction.

3. Controlling and preventing the spread of any dangerous, contagious or infectious diseases that may occur within his jurisdiction.

4. Informing the public as to the causes, nature, and prevention of disease and disability and the preservation, promotion and improvement of health within his jurisdiction.

5. Taking such measures as he deems necessary in order to promote the public health.

The mission of the Local Health Department is Promoting, Preventing and Protecting the Public's Health. The role and job of Public Health for the community and all people involves:
(1) Promoting healthy behaviors;
(2) Preventing disease and injury; and
(3) Protecting individuals, families and their environment through cooperative
participation among community, government and the Health District.

Letters should be addressed to the Health Officer as follows: Amy Person, M.D., District Health Officer, Benton-Franklin District Health Department, 7102 w Okanogan pl Kennewick Wa 99336, or by calling (509) 460 4200.

or the Board of Health
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Washington Community Resource Information: 211 (www.win211.org)
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