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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I get a Birth or Death Certificate?
A: Visit our Vital Records department page for more information.

Q: How do I get a Food Worker Card?
A: Food Worker Card Classes are held Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM and every third Tuesday at 6:00 PM. Call (509) 460-4205 to make an appointment for the class.

Q: Where are your offices?
A: We now have 2 offices.
  • Kennewick 7102 W Okanogan Pl
  • Pasco 412 W Clark

Q: Where do I report a FoodBorne Illness?
A:You can find the 'Food Safety Complaints or Illness' page here.

Q:How do I get my water tested?
A:Read all about it on our 'Laboratory' page!

Q:Where do I report a dead bird?
A:Check out or information on the WNV page

Q:How do I get WIC services?
A: WIC can be contacted at
Kennewick: (509) 460 4202
Pasco: (509) 460 4203

Contact Form Disclaimer:
This is provided to inform users about our privacy policies and risks that are involved with transmitting information over the Internet.
1. Security
This is NOT a secure site. Information entered on this form is transmitted over the internet. The information is NOT encrypted and can possibly be read by others. Use discretion if entering sensitive personal health information.
2. Email Transmission and Information Storage
Information entered on this form is NOT stored on our servers. Information entered is not directly in BFHDs control. Information entered on this form is packaged in an email that is sent to our leadership team. Because the information is transmitted via email, the information may be stored on a third server. Note that members of our leadership team may also store these emails on their personal hard drives or print them out or retransmit. Use discretion if entering sensitive personal health information.
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Emergency Contact Information

Personal Emergency for Medical, Police, Fire, or Other: 911
Washington Poison Center: 1 (800) 222-1222 (www.wapc.org)
Washington Community Resource Information: 211 (www.win211.org)
BFHD Public Health Emergency/Imminent Health Hazard After-Hours Reporting: 509-543-3851
The public can reference BFHD policies available in Kennewick office.
BFHD Privacy Statement:English / Spanish
Copies of the annual report available at all BFHD offices.
State and County Resources
Rules and Regulations Administered by or Governing the Benton-Franklin Health District
WAC's - RCW's
Community Health Status Indicators
Reportable Conditions
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