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Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN)


The Children with Special Health Care Needs program exists as a component of the Title V Maternal Child Health Block Grant Program.  There are distinct but related goals that this program is designed to support.


1.    Provide and Promote family-centered, community based, coordinated care for children with special health care needs.


2.    Facilitate and develop community-based systems of services for children with special health care needs and their families.



This community service supports the child (Birth to 18) and family in the transition from hospital/clinic to home.  Public Health Nurses (PHNs) continue to be available to the family and facilitate services as they progress through the continuum of care.  This service is provided to families regardless of income and there is no charge to the family for PHN services.      


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Home Health vs. PHN

It is very appropriate to refer to both a home health care nursing agency and a PHN since their roles are different. The home health care nurse focuses primarily on the child and the specific condition.  The PHN focuses on the child within the family and the community and promotes family choice and collaboration between parents and professionals.  The PHN will contact the family and do a nursing assessment and will define with the family the services the PHN can provide.  Services may be provided in the home, clinic or phone.


Reasons for CSHCN Public Health Nurse (PHN) Referrals

Child has complex health needs and the family needs help with:                    

·         finding or coordinating medical/behavioral health providers                                   

·         accessing local resources and/or services for their child

·         finding financial assistance for their child’s health-related needs

·         understanding and/or coping with child’s health condition


NOTE: If you suspect child neglect or abuse, you should make a referral to Child Protective Services (CPS).  It is not appropriate to make a PHN referral to assess abuse when that possibility has already been identified.  It is appropriate to also make a PHN referral on these children, with a note that CPS referral has been made; the PHN will make every effort to coordinate with the CPS caseworker.

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Referral Information That Should Be Included

·         Child’s name, birthdate, gender and race/ethnicity

·         Address and phone numbers- this should be the address of the place where the family resides (not a P.O. Box #);

·         Names of  parents and birthdate of the mother, if available

·         List primary language of the child and the parent if other than English

·         List the community physician or health care practitioner who provides the child’s primary care in the community.

·         Explain why the referral is being made; what do you expect the PHN to accomplish?

·         List who to contact regarding follow-up.  Should information go to a specific clinic or program at a hospital, the community health care provider, or a specific person

·         For infants/children being discharged from the hospital: include discharge summary/notes, discharge instructions for parents and relevant chart notes (ie: OT, PT, SLP, SW, specialist & surgeries).

·         Fax Referrals to Carla Prock – CSHCN Coordinator at 509-460-4515



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