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WIC is Open!

Congress has come together to re-open the government. WIC Funding has been restored through mid-January. All offices are open, clients should keep any scheduled appointments and continue to use their checks to buy healthy foods. We have opening for new clients too! Call 509.460.4202 for Kennewick or 509.460.4203 for Pasco.

10/10/13: Update on WIC and Federal shutdown

Benton-Franklin WIC offices are still open and will remain open throughout the entire month of October. Clients are able to continue using their WIC checks at local grocery stores without interruption. WIC staff will continue to provide updates via this web site throughout the shutdown. WIC staff are operating under the assumption and hope that the shutdown will be resolved soon.

If you have checks with a FIRST day to use in October and a LAST day to use in November – those checks WILL NOT be accepted at the grocery store after October 31 unless the shutdown is resolved. This means you need to spend your checks NOW.

Please keep your checks with a FIRST DAY to use in November and December. These checks will still be good should the shutdown end before your checks expire.

Washington State & BFHD WIC Is Open For Business 10.2.13

USDA Contingency Funds Support WIC Operations Through October In response to the end of the federal WIC grant on September 30 and the federal government shutdown on October 1, USDA has allocated WIC carryover and contingency funds to support program operations for all WIC states through October 31, 2013.

“We are grateful we do not have to stop services at this time,” said Janet Jackson Charles, Director of Nutrition Services at the Department. “Many people don’t understand how the shutdown affects real families. We’ve had calls from frantic parents, worried they can’t use their WIC checks. These aren’t folks who can’t visit a national park on their vacation. They are trying to feed their children. If the government stays shutdown, USDA will not have funding to re-allocate for services in November. Charles is hopeful the Congress will pass a budget before then with funding for 2014, but said the program will continue to refine contingency plans in case the federal government shutdown remains in place beyond October.

For questions about local WIC services call the state WIC office at 1800-841-1410, or see the Washington WIC Nutrition Program web page at http://www.doh.wa.gov/YouandYourFamily/WIC.aspx.

To apply for WIC call 460-4202 Kennewick or 460-4203 Pasco.

Information about local WIC clinics as well as related services around the state can be found at http://parenthelp123.org/resources/wic-family-planning or by calling the Family Health Hotline at 1-800-322-2588.


Who is Eligible

What does WIC Provide

Services that WIC provides

WIC is a nutrition education program.
WIC provides supplemental foods which promote good health for pregnant, breastfeeding and postpartum women, infants and children up to age five.

How do you get WIC?

1. Make an appointment at a WIC clinic.

2. Talk with a WIC health professional at your appointment.

3. If eligible, you will be given coupons for nutritious foods.

4. You will use your coupons at a grocery store you select.

Benefits of being enrolled in the WIC program!

1. You get nutritious foods at no cost.

2. You receive nutrition counseling for yourself and your children.

3. You save money. The extra money can be used to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, baby foods and other foods that WIC does not provide.

Where can you get WIC?

Benton Franklin Health District has several WIC clinics in this area.
Call the clinic closest to you for an appointment.

Washington state DOH's new WIC page.

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