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What Services Does WIC Provide?

Nutrition Education

Nutrition education is available to all adult WIC participants and, whenever possible, to child participants and to other family members. The goals of nutrition education are:

To teach participants and parents/caretakers the relationship between nutrition and good health.

To improve the food consumption habits, as they relate to the participant's nutritional risk.

To promote optimal use of WIC supplemental foods and other nutritious foods.

To provide nutrition education within the context of the participant's ethnic and cultural preferences. Educators provide lessons that are appropriate for the participant's language, educational background, and environmental limitations.

Referrals for Health Care

WIC serves as an adjunct to the health care system. WIC enjoys a reciprocal relationship with the health care community, receiving referrals from private and public health care providers and providing referrals as needed for health and social services.

Referrals from WIC include immunizations and 1st Steps.

WIC encourages persons already receiving medical services to remain under their physicians' care. It also encourages individuals not receiving medical care to seek and maintain appropriate care.

Breastfeeding Promotion and Support

Breastfeeding Promotion and Support is an integral part of the WIC Program. WIC strives to increase the incidence and duration of breastfeeding among women enrolled in the Program.

All WIC clinics have trained personnel ready to assist mothers in making informed decisions about their infant feeding choice. WIC also instructs mothers in the basics of breastfeeding.

WIC clinics provide breastfeeding aids such as electric breast pumps. For support in breastfeeding call our clinics. Certified Lactation Educators are available for consulatation.

WIC offers a food package for participants who exclusively breastfeed their babies. This food package includes canned tuna fish and carrots as well as additional amounts of milk, cereal, cheese, juice, and peanut butter or dry beans already receiving.

What Food Does WIC Provide?

WIC provides basic nutritious foods to eligible pregnant, breastfeeding, and postpartum women, as well as infants and children. These foods are rich in protein, iron, calcium, and vitamins A and C. These are key nutrients commonly lacking in the diets of the WIC target population.

Participantís exchange WIC food vouchers at authorized retail grocery stores.

Foods for Infants (Birth-12 mo.)

The Program strongly encourages and provides support for breastfeeding. It recognizes that breastfeeding is the best method of infant feeding and nurturing. However, bottle-fed infants receive the WIC contract brand of iron-fortified infant formula for the first year of life. Beginning at six months of age, infants may also receive iron-fortified infant cereal and fruit and vegetable juices high in vitamin C.

In some cases, when medical conditions contraindicate use of the WIC contract brand of formula, infants may receive a non-contract brand of formula or a special formula. Before a WIC agency can issue any formula other than the contract brand, the client must obtain a WIC Substitution Form and have their physician fill out and complete the form.

Foods for Women and Children

Women and children (one to five years of age) participating in WIC receive food vouchers for milk, cheese, eggs, cereals high in iron, peanut butter or dried beans or peas, and fruit or vegetable juices high in vitamin C.

Women who exclusively breastfeed their babies may also receive carrots and canned tuna fish.

Special formulas or nutritional supplements are also available to women and children participants with certain medical conditions. Before a WIC agency can issue any formula other than the contract brand, the client must obtain a WIC Substitution Form and have their physician fill out and complete the form.
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