Vital Records Online

To request a birth or death certificate online please fill out the form to the right.  Once the form has been submitted the following will occur:
  • Vital Records Staff will send an encrypted email to the address given on the form.  This email will contain a fillable pdf for the birth or death certificate request.
  •  After the birth or death certificate form has been completed add as an attachment to the original encrypted email received from BFHD and "reply to sender".  This will send the completed birth or death certificate request form back to BFHD encrypted.
  •  Once BFHD has processed the request a notification will be sent informing you that the form has been mailed via USPS or Federal Express. 

Request Online Form

Allow 2-3 Weeks processing time.

To request a fillable form for online ordering please complete the boxes below.




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* Once the form has been submitted a BFHD representative will be in touch.

$20 Dollars per Certificate