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COVID-19 in Benton and Franklin Counties

June 5, 2020  1,920 cases, 86 deaths

Benton-Franklin Health District provides regular updates on case counts for Benton and Franklin Counties. 

Our goal is to share reliable information with the public and our partners. We have developed a new dashboard and data tables to help you visualize the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

Effective May 30, 2020 updates to case count will only be posted Monday-Friday by 2 p.m.  Information received or completed over the weekend will be reflected in the Monday update. 

We report case numbers each day that are official through 11:59 p.m. the night before

We are committed to providing accurate information while respecting the medical privacy of those who become ill with COVID-19.

Most Recent Numbers 

On June 5, we are reporting a total increase of 57 cases. Benton County cases increased by 36 (36 confirmed and 0 probable). Franklin County increased by 21 (23 confirmed including 2 cases previously counted as probable that have now been moved to lab-confirmed).

We have two deaths to report.
A Benton County woman in her 60's with underlying health conditions
A Benton County man in his 80's with underlying health conditions

In response to feedback we are returning the graphs to BFHD Notification Date rather than Symptom Onset. This is effective 5/27/2020.  

COVID-19 has challenged our community’s health, economy, mental health, and social norms. It also strained our data reporting systems. It is a bit like trying to put out a wildfire with a garden hose. To provide the most accurate information, we will be changing how we report data over the next month. 

The first change will be how we report case numbers. Early in the outbreak, testing was extremely limited.  BFHD followed CDC guidelines for reporting not only lab-confirmed cases, but also probable cases.  Probable cases are people with COVID -19 symptoms who live with or are close contacts of a person who tested positive for COVID-19. We did this because we knew there were many more people with COVID 19 than the few who were being tested. We felt it painted a more accurate picture of how the disease spread in our community.

Now that testing is more readily available, we report few probable cases. The Washington State Department of Health is using only lab-confirmed cases in considering our counties’ readiness to move to the next phase. So, starting Monday, BFHD will no longer be reporting probable cases and they will be removed from the total case count. 

We’ve done our best to let you know when we need to make changes to how we report—what they are and why we’re making them. And we will continue to do our best as we recover.