Benton and Franklin Counties Community Recovery

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Benton and Franklin Counties Road to Recover Plan guide for Modified Phase 1 (July 2, 2020)

Current Safe Start Washington Status

Washington State COVID-19 Data Dashboard - Washington State Department of Health

Washington State COVID-19 Risk Assessment Dashboard

Safe Start - Washington's Phased Reopening (updated 7/7/2020)

The following set of metrics (Issued May 16) will be used to guide public health decision-making throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The targets represent the ideal state. The state and/or counties will not necessarily need to meet all targets in order to move to the next phase in the “Safe Start Washington” plan. Likewise, the state and/or counties will not necessarily need to drop to a previous phase if targets are not maintained. While these metrics are important, other factors will be considered in public health decision-making.

As we gather data in the upcoming days to measure these targets, the data will be published on this page.

June 22, 2020 With the change to WDRS data we are adjusting the date range of data posted to assure we are reporting reliable information.