Travel Guidance

If you are visiting or coming home to Washington state, an advisory has been issued for a 14-day quarantine. This does not apply to essential travel across borders related to work

Dec. 21 - Travel prohibited from anyone coming from a country where SARS-CoV-2 variant 501Y.V is circulating as listed on the DOH site; unless they quarantine for 14 days once inside Washington. See the full proclamation.

WA DOH: Transportation and Travel Guidance

Airport Updates: Tri-Cities Airport; Sea-Tac Airport

Dept. of State: International Travel Guidance; US Passport Operations; COVID-19 FAQs

Concerns about employee travel: Business Response Center

Hawaiian Islands: Travel Requirements; COVID-19 State of Hawaii Portal; Mandatory State of HI Travel and Health Form; Pre-Travel Testing Required to Avoid 14-day Quarantine

Washington State Safe Start regulations are different for each county including social gatherings. Check which activities are currently allowed in Benton and Franklin Counties.

Workers in the construction industry, traveling to Washington from a non-contiguous state, must either quarantine for 14-days OR obtain a COVID-19 test once they arrive and receive a negative result.

Other Considerations:

  • Watch for symptoms and take your temperature daily. If you feel sick, call your provider and/or get tested
  • Wear a mask or face covering in public and shared spaces like hotel hallways and elevators
  • Stay six feet away from anyone outside your travel party
  • Keep a record of everywhere you go with dates and times. This information is important if you get sick so others can be made aware, if necessary.
  • When Washington residents return home, it is a good idea to limit contact with others and stay home as much as possible for 14 days.