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Face Coverings

Stay in Place, Maintain your Space, Cover your Face

Posted on 04/ 03/ 2020

Benton-Franklin Health District is recommending that all individuals cover their noses and mouths any time they leave h...

COVID-19 Long Term Care Team

Posted on 04/ 01/ 2020

Our Long Term Care Team is vital for an Emergency Response Investigation like COVID-19, particularly when trying to saf...

Food Safety is Ongoing

Posted on 03/ 30/ 2020

BFHD's Food Safety Program continues to monitor and work with food establishments to ensure the safety of food takeout ...

Home Safety

Stay Safe While at Home

Posted on 03/ 27/ 2020

Whether you’re a parent working from home or a family member, friend, or neighbor helping with childcare, here are some...

Stay Home Stay Healthy

Stay Home Stay Healthy

Posted on 03/ 25/ 2020

“Some of us will be able to help others in need and some of us will need help.”

BFHD Seeks Volunteers - update

Posted on 03/ 23/ 2020

Benton-Franklin Health District is calling for health care volunteers to assist in the COVID-19 outbreak.

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